Honey Crumb Tasting Room


In-person tastings are scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays between 12 noon and 6pm (by appointment only, please!). We typically do not schedule in-person appointments on weekends, unless circumstances are exceptional, as we are preoccupied with completing and delivering our wedding cake orders on those days.

The consultation fee is $75, which includes a tasting of three flavors of your choice from our menu. Surcharges apply for additional flavor choices.

We provide enough cake samples to serve up to 3 people in total. Surcharges apply if you would like to have more than 3 people total (including yourself!) at the tasting. We’ve found that the most successful consultations involve the fewest stakeholders — i.e. just the couple, plus their planner or a mother or a maid of honor / best man. “Many cooks spoil the broth,” as they say. (And on that note, you are welcome to take home any extra cake from your tasting to enjoy later or share with other family members and friends!)

In-person appointments are best for clients who are planning to order a completely unique and custom cake, which needs to be designed from scratch, rather than being chosen from one of our pre-designed collections. This collaborative design time is invaluable and allows us to get to know you and your style before we produce a sketch and quote for your custom cake.

Our tasting room and cake studio are located in lower Queen Anne, at 177 Western Ave W, Suite 268-A, Seattle, WA 98119. We strongly recommend using Google Maps to locate us with ease, as Apple Maps will send you to the wrong side of our building!

Please note:

We typically like to have access to as many design references from you as possible. Your color palette, floral design concept, event lighting, etc, are all of great importance during the cake design appointment. Ideally, we would have information about logistics as well (e.g. reception start time, time frame for vendor setup at your venue, etc). Please come prepared for your appointment, so that we can make the most of the time we have together. If your tasting appointment is scheduled at a time when you haven’t yet made major design decisions for the look and feel of your event, it can be challenging for us to achieve a well-developed cake design concept. Connect with us and we’ll help determine the optimal time frame within which your cake consultation should take place.

If you’re planning your event from out of town, we can schedule this meeting during your next visit to Seattle. (If the timing doesn’t work out, we can always collaborate over email instead — it just takes a little longer!)

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Sample our cakes at your leisure with a Honey Crumb Tasting Kit. Connect with us and we’ll prepare a kit for you to pick up on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, with three business days’ notice.

Once you’ve enjoyed the samples, we’ll finalize your cake order via email or phone.

We offer two different tasting kits:

  • CHEF’S CHOICE: A selection of 3 cake samples, based on whatever’s fresh from our ovens that particular day — for a fee of $40. (Needless to say, chef’s choice flavors are not disclosed prior to pickup!)

  • CUSTOM KIT: Your own selection of any cake flavors from our menu — as many as you want — for $20 per sample.

Our cake samples are presented as 9oz cups with lids, containing two layers of cake and two layers of buttercream. We use the same ratio of cake-to-filling inside the cake cups that will be built into each tier of your custom cake. (Our finished cake tiers each have four layers of cake with a ratio of roughly one-quarter filling/frosting to three-quarters cake.) In other words, our sample cups are perfectly representative of the flavors and textures that guests will enjoy when your custom cake is plated into slices at the event.

Please note:

Our sample cups provide enough cake for 2-3 people to enjoy a few bites each. If you are planning to have lots of friends or family join you for your at-home tasting experience, and you need us to provide more cake than 2-3 servings, let us know and we can discuss the options with you!

Tasting packs are best for clients who are interested in ordering from our pre-designed cake collections (e.g. Classic Cakes, Petite Cakes), as these cakes are intended to be chosen from an existing catalog (rather than being completely custom-designed from scratch). It’s a straightforward process for us to finalize the details of your pre-designed cake via email or phone, once you’ve picked up a tasting pack, sampled our cakes, and have decided to book with us.

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