Handcrafted Sugar Flowers

Making sugar flowers that pay homage to their real counterparts is an art form in itself. These handmade blooms are integral to many of our cake creations, and are inspired by the nuances of natural buds and blooms. Your guests will be wowed by these memorable sugar showpieces, which also make lasting keepsakes.


Pricing Guidelines

  • Single large sugar flowers (e.g. peony, succulent, magnolia, ranunculus, garden rose, hellebore, orchid, dahlia) are typically priced by the stem, ranging from $20-$65 each — depending on size and complexity

  • Smaller sugar flowers (e.g. bougainvillea, hydrangea, sweet pea, rosebud, plumeria) are priced as clusters of three, ranging from $10-$40 per cluster — depending on size

  • A combined cluster (i.e. 2-3 large focal flowers, plus buds and foliage) creates maximum visual impact on a cake, and typically ranges between $80-$180

  • Some cake designs require just a single large flower, while others look best with a single combined cluster or indeed several clusters -- we are always happy to advise you on the optimal combination and placement of sugar flowers within your intended budget

  • Many of our clients choose to put their sugar flowers on display in their home after the event; this is most easily accomplished with an elegant glass cloche (to protect the flowers from moisture and dust) -- if you'd like to do this, we can provide a cloche for you ($22-$60 depending on size required) and can instruct your caterer about keeping the flowers intact while removing them from the cake