Where food and art intersect.


Honey Crumb Cake Studio is the epicenter of cake artistry in Seattle.

Since 2010, we’ve created tailor-made works of edible art, earning critical acclaim not just in the Pacific Northwest, but nationally as well. Our unique and extraordinary space in lower Queen Anne is part cake design studio, part production kitchen — dedicated to the exploration of cake and beauty.

We specialize in exquisitely crafted cakes for absolutely any type of celebration, with a particular focus on contemporary wedding cakes for design-conscious couples. Our designs are known for their clean lines, modern silhouettes, and playful charm.

We gladly accommodate a variety of special dietary requirements.


We make the kind of cakes that we ourselves would want to receive: creatively engaging and unforgettably delicious.


To schedule a cake consultation, or to discuss your next creative project, we invite you to contact us.

Thank you for your visit!