Meet the Artists & Makers


Senior Cake Artist

Born and raised in Michigan, I come from a large, loving family, where good food and good company matter most. My personal work stems from childhood memories filled with handfuls of cookies, toad catching adventures, and quiet afternoons spent drawing alone in my bedroom.

I have always been enamored with art and enjoy many creative avenues, from casual doodles, to classical painting, to contemporary design. Aside from art, I enjoy cooking & baking (and eating, of course), tending my little garden, traversing in the great outdoors, uphill runs, and taking the opportunity to try something new whenever possible. I currently live in Seattle, Washington with my husband (and personal photographer), Matthew, and our guard dog, Pretzel, and I always welcome new people and experiences in my life.


Owner & Pastry Chef

My roots (and dual citizenship) are German and South African. More than a decade ago, I completed my graduate studies in Environmental Policy and Medical History at the University of St Andrews in the United Kingdom. After a brief stint in academia and a barely-kickstarted career change to midwifery and women's healthcare, I apprenticed myself each evening to a long-buried love of baking and sugar sculpture. The fledgling Honey Crumb garnered its first cake orders via Craigslist, spreading its wings as a growing crowd of happy clients returned for more and my cake designs grew ever more challenging and intricate.

I balance my day job with personal creative work, like brush lettering, and more energetic pursuits, like twisting the throttle on my BMW F800ST. The clan of friends and family I've cultivated here is dearer to me than anything. I spend a lot of my time cultivating those relationships, and in turn, they nurture and augment my art.

My creative desire is to arrest the audience, to plant a little desire in their hearts. I strive to create a yearning to cut into the cake and learn more about the idea and the maker. Ultimately, it’s about creating memorable sensory experiences.