"BEST WEDDING CAKES" Winner (Seattle Bride: 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019)

"BEST GROOM’S CAKES" Winner (Seattle Bride: 2019)

"BEST WEDDING CAKES" Top Three Finalists (Seattle Bride: 2013, 2015)

"BEST GROOM'S CAKES" Top Three Finalists (Seattle Bride: 2017 and 2018)

"BEST DESSERTS" Top Three Finalists (Seattle Bride: 2018)

"Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes in America" (Martha Stewart Weddings)

Image ©  Photo Elan

Image © Photo Elan

Considered by Martha Stewart to be the creators of some of America's "Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes", Honey Crumb Cake Studio is a boutique bakery based in Seattle, Washington. We are a woman-owned and women-staffed business. We are committed to elevating the standards of our industry through networking, mentoring, and leading by example. Everyone in our team is encouraged to learn and soar, working flexibly with a high degree of autonomy and creative license.

Our cake artistry has been featured in industry-leading magazines, including BRIDES, Magnolia Rouge, Seattle Bride, Gay Weddings Magazine, and TrendyBride. Our custom designs have been featured in notable national and international wedding blogs, including Style Me Pretty, Wedding Sparrow, Wedding Chicks, Ruffled, Martha Stewart Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, and 100 Layer Cake. 

We have designed one-of-a-kind cakes for rock legends (and their children), football stars, and celebrated artists. 

Honey Crumb's owner, Carla Schier, is a South African-born German citizen who has lived on three continents and happily calls Seattle her home. Her journey to the world of pastry arts was a circuitous path, to put it mildly. At 24, she completed her graduate studies in Environmental Policy at the University of St Andrews (UK), and became a college lecturer specializing in post-colonial Africa and the environmental history of the twentieth century. She briefly ventured into the world of journalism as a copy editor in Johannesburg, but her enthusiasm for the cave-like environment of the editing pool quickly waned. She found herself making another major transcontinental move, to the state of Maine, and switching careers to women's healthcare and midwifery. A few years down the line, with career burnout on the horizon yet again, she began baking in the evenings for hands-on fun — creating fanciful cakes for friends and family that were an expression of her lifelong fascination with the visual arts.

Carla launched her cake business as Honey Crumb Cake Studio in 2010, developing personalized, sculptural cakes that stood in stark relief against the generic cakes that were being pumped out by assembly-line bakers elsewhere. Carla was aware that cost considerations and time constraints prohibited "industrial" bakers from sourcing luxurious raw materials or dreaming up truly show-stopping edible centerpieces — and she resolved to distinguish herself from them. She knew that her customers deserved better: more ethical ingredients, and more artful concepts. 

Today, out of the Lower Queen Anne headquarters of Honey Crumb LLC, Carla still collaborates personally with clients to create bold, breathtakingly unique works of cake art by hand, using detailed digital renderings and farm-to-table products to craft confections of creative exuberance and structural integrity. Carla has studied under current and former legends in the confectionary arts, including Maggie Austin and Kaysie Lackey, and has taken classes in such dignified settings as the French Pastry School in Chicago. However, she remains a largely self-taught explorer of new techniques and media in the world of cake design, drawing inspiration from artists whose work is whimsical, nature-inspired, and trend-setting — like paper artist & muralist Josephine Rice, or the South African multi-media artist Norman Catherine, and the late designer Alexander McQueen.

Image ©  The Popes

Image © The Popes

She has created a Sovereign-class "Reaper" from the video game Mass Effect 3 out of cake and modeling chocolate, fashioned a neighborhood of Miyazaki characters from sugar paste, recreated law textbooks out of pound cake and fondant, and conjured a 1959 Chevy Corvette using entirely edible media — faithfully to scale. She sculpts flower modeling paste into life-like sugar blooms in dozens of varieties, and thrives on teaching others how to do the same.

But Carla's most important source of inspiration is each client. Some of her most magical and unique cakes are the result of client collaborations — from working with a couple planning a two-day wedding celebration with 500 guests (which called for two highly intricate, multi-tiered cakes in two wildly different color palettes), to scheming up a rainbow-tinted cake interior for two grooms who wanted pride and love infused right into the heart of their wedding dessert. Carla particularly loves it when kids come into the studio excited (and unfettered by terror in the face of deadly reptiles), asking "How about a cake that looks exactly like a diamondback rattlesnake?”

Carla's reply: "Why not?" In her world, anything is possible.

Cake is reverence, cake is love. It's texture, aroma, taste... but it's also a canvas, and a magic wand — whose great power is to set your inner child free. It's a way to make connections with people, to celebrate their milestones and then see them again when they follow up with another cake order for another milestone. Cake is for the moment, and cake is forever!

To get the scoop on our latest creations and behind-the-scenes shenanigans, check out our official Honey Crumb Instagram page.

Carla shares her latest motorcycle adventures and rock climbing trips on her personal Instagram feed.

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