Sparkly Wedding Cake at Sahalee Country Club

Nancy and Scott's wedding cake was an extravaganza of sparkle, and fit in perfectly with their glamorous reception décor at Sahalee Country Club last Saturday.

The main cake (on display) served 100, and I provided additional cake servings for 50 guests (these were undecorated, and were plated in the kitchen). Nancy and Scott chose three flavors: Classic Carrot cake with cream cheese filling, Coconut Passion (coconut milk cake, coconut Swiss meringue buttercream, shredded coconut, and passion fruit reduction), and Caramel Toffee Fudge (dark chocolate cake, caramel sauce, chocolate truffle cream, and English toffee bits). 

Each tier was covered in white-chocolate fondant, then painted with piping gel and coated with sparkling sugar.The styrofoam separators were wrapped in rhinestone mesh ribbon, and the cake was finished off with a handcrafted ruffle rose (in ivory gumpaste, airbrushed with edible pearl luster).

Here's the back view of the cake, which gives you a better idea of the cake's proportions (6"-9"-11" diameter rounds, with 2" tall separators):

And another shot of the cake, just for fun (note the reflection of the silver stand on the sparkling sugar-coated cake!):

Now: onto the subject of the Wedding Preview Event. It's in less than two weeks, at Seattle Design Center, and if you're getting married, don't miss it! It'll be a fantastically immersive experience, and best of all, Honey Crumb will be there, with a Punk Rock-themed display cake and scrumptious bites of cake for all guests (Lemon Raspberry cake, and Nutmeg Spice cake with rum-spiked buttercream). Also, there'll be Basil and Lime macarons in the gift bag for each of our VIP guests.

Here's how to get your tickets:

1) Visit the Wedding Preview Event tickets page:
2) Order your tickets in just a couple of clicks ($15 for general access, $20 for priority admission, and $25 for a VIP ticket... it's a sweet deal, folks).

See you all there!