Watercolor Botanical Appliqué and Sugar Roses at Georgetown Ballroom

Alysia and Josh were married last Saturday, the first day of September, at the Georgetown Ballroom in Seattle. I arrived to assemble their cake about 90 minutes before the ceremony was due to start, so I landed right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle as their reception venue was styled and set up. The assembly took me an hour, as this cake was HUGE. It served 300 people, and weighed 50-60lb.

When Alysia first approached me to discuss options for her wedding cake, she showed me a photo of a design by Maggie Austin Cake that had taken her breath away. I recognized the cake immediately (Maggie LaBaugh has an unmistakably distinctive style). Alysia said it was the perfect cake for her, and I told her the design would get a little Honey Crumb artistic twist, but would remain largely untweaked.

So, early last week, I began sculpting a small garden of sugar roses, in various watercolor hues:

The cake's top tier started out with some gumpaste relief work, in a whimsical botanical style (I love this in white on white):

Finally, with the addition of some edible 'watercolor' paint on the botanical appliqué, and several rows of paper-thin sugar ruffles on the cake's massive square tiers, it all looked like this:

The sugar flowers for the top were all wired to create a sort of arc:

I had trouble with the dim lighting at the venue (I may have a DSLR but that doesn't make me a photographer!) -- so, apologies for the icky white balance (among other poor qualities) of these shots:

A little side view to show you the roses perched on the corners:

The entire cake was Strawberries and Cream (moist white cake, filled with layers of cream cheese, organic strawberry preserve, and fresh chopped strawberries). My mother-in-law, who is a dancer and poet (among other things), said the following about the cake, and I couldn't describe it better:

"There is a sort of 'antique' feel to this, old romance, and also the soft blue roses and relief work seem so very familiar to me... as though I recall this in my distant past... unusual but with a warm assurance."

See what I mean? (She's going to be hired as the copy writer for my new brochures.)

Congratulations, Alysia and Josh!