A Bunch of Late Summer and Early Fall Wedding Cakes

So, I got some pretty exciting news last week. Another of my cakes has been commissioned to appear in Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom magazine in a few months' time. Can't say any more, but I'm thrilled!

In other news:

It's been a madhouse here at Honey Crumb this season. Actually, I shouldn't say that, because the studio is usually rather peaceful, even during the busiest weekends -- I have to keep it that way, or I'd lose it entirely. I mean, FIVE WEDDING CAKES, ON ONE DAY?! AND ONE MERE PASTRY CHEF?!

You wonder, how is the illusion of peace created here? Well, my friends, I was not simply born in this state of mind. I have music to thank for it.

And no, I don't listen to Cake, although that is an amusing thought. My albums-of-choice are Away from the World (Dave Matthews Band), From the Choirgirl Hotel (Tori Amos), Love is Hell (Ryan Adams), 29 (Ryan Adams), Before These Crowded Streets (Dave Matthews Band), and Pokhara (Yannick Noah). These are in near-permanent rotation, although occasionally, there's some Yann Tiersen in there, some Johnny Clegg, some Regina Spektor (especially Far), some Habib Koité, and some Talking Heads. So: if you want to be my pastry intern, you will need to tolerate the constant vocal presence of these people, at a volume that is high enough to drown out the sound of a batch of Swiss meringue buttercream being whipped in an industrial mixer. (I have other requirements with regard to interns, but the music bit is key.)

Preamble aside, tonight's post is a bonanza of recent cakes that have been clamoring for their little moment on the blog. Leave me a post if you feel inspired, and let me know which one's your favorite -- I'd love to hear from you!

First up is Lisa and Jeff's wedding cake, with pressed fondant lace in ivory, and handmade sugar roses (airbrushed with edible pearl luster for shimmer):

All 100 servings of their cake were Lemon Pucker flavor (vanilla buttermilk cake with lemon moistening syrup, layered with cream cheese and zingy lemon curd). The couple's reception was held at the Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville -- a fantastic venue with oodles of character, and really friendly staff. (It gets an enthusiastic recommendation from me, for sure.)

Getting a little closer with the camera helps you see the details on the fondant lace, and the sugar roses:

Lisa also ordered a surprise groom's cake for Jeff, who is a drummer and owns a black kit. I crafted the crash cymbal and drum sticks from gumpaste. The cymbal was painted with edible golden bronze luster, and the gumpaste details on the drum-shaped cakes were painted with edible silver.

He LOVED the cake and they each left an amazing review for me on Yelp. So sweet!

Here's an all-buttercream cake for Carly and Erik, who were married at Frog Creek Lodge in Lakebay, WA (it was quite a drive!). The geometric circle pattern on the base tier was taken from their quirky invitations (designed by the bride, who is a comic-book illustrator, among her many other talents). The most prominent sugar flower in the arrangement was inspired by a poppy, but given the unfussy feel of this cake overall, I wasn't trying to get too literal about it. Having said that, I must've decided that botanical correctness was apropos for the sugar poppy leaves in this cluster, because I dipped them in confectioner's glaze to get them all waxy-looking, like the real thing. (I love what that glaze does, I just don't love cleaning my sticky workbench afterward.) If you scroll down, you'll get a closer look at the darker green sugar hydrangeas I also created for the cake.

The cake served 25 guests at the couple's intimate lunch reception, and was dark chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream frosting.

Details of the sugar flowers:

Kate and Jack were married last weekend (September 22) and hosted their 75 guests at Urban Light Studios in Seattle (those who've been there will recognize the venue's distinctive background, visible in my cake photos). I designed the cake to complement the couple's contemporary aesthetic (clean, inspired by graphic and textile design) and their unique color palette (slate grey and curry yellow).

There's some play with proportions here (the top tier is 3" tall, the middle is almost 5" tall, and the base tier is a whopping 6" tall).

The top and middle tiers were Lemon Pucker, and the base tier was Chocolate Raspberry. The abstract floral design on the middle tier was an appliqué of edible slate-grey cutouts on a base of white fondant, and I created the flowers (a large open peony, sage-green foliage, and some wired five-petal blossoms) using gumpaste.

Oh, and how perfect are these pieces of wall art that Kate made for her reception? (While you're looking, note the crazy-awesome exposed brick at Urban Light Studios...) 

The contemporary, bold, abstract, and appliqué theme continues with Melissa and Scott's cake, delivered to one of my all-time favorite Seattle venues (Herban Feast at Sodo Park) last weekend. The cake served 140 and the servings were divided between Strawberries and Cream (vanilla buttermilk cake with fresh strawberries, Swiss meringue buttercream, and housemade strawberry preserve) and Caramel Toffee Fudge (dark chocolate cake, truffle ganache cream, English toffee bits, and caramel sauce).

I created the shapes using a variety of floral cutters and three different shades of gumpaste (eggplant, deep crimson, and caramel). I painted some of the caramel-colored appliqués with edible copper luster dust so that they'd shimmer in the candlelight. Unfortunately, the copper shimmer doesn't come across in these photos, but it was beautiful in person and made the whole design appear cohesive with the venue and the copper tones in the centerpieces.

That's it for tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow with another cakey post and some useful info on how you can get your tickets to catch Honey Crumb at the Wedding Preview Event at Seattle Design Center in two weeks!