Handpainted Wedding Cake at Alpental Lodge

This morning, I broke out the paint palette and some bottles of edible gel color. My inspiration was a wedding invitation (designed by the groom!) featuring an abstract print of some gerbera daisies:

My canvas was Jois and Richard's ivory cake! Here's the handpainted base tier:

And here's the second tier:

Their cake was four tiers, and served 75 guests. Half the servings were Coconut Passion (coconut cake, filled with coconut Swiss meringue buttercream, layered with passion fruit reduction and coconut shavings), the other half were Red Velvet (with cream cheese filling).

The couple's florist set aside some lisianthus, gerberas (in orange and burgundy), and green hypericum for me to style on the cake. Here it is, all set up:

I rarely take photos of the venue when I'm done assembling a cake. What happens most often is that I finish up, snap a few quick shots of the cake itself, then make myself scarce. However, today, I was inspired to capture a little more. Scroll down, and see why:

Jois and Richard, the bride and groom, chose Alpental in Snoqualmie, WA, as their wedding venue. Some pretty draping and a pair of gorgeous floral arrangements pointed guests in the right direction as they walked towards the lodge. The bridge linking the parking lot with the ceremony site spanned a river gorge surrounded by evergreens... it was magnificent!

Where else in the world is there such a breathtaking parking lot?!

When I arrived to set up the cake, the midday sunshine was amazing, and the sky was surreal. In fact, so delighted was I by the scenery around me that I didn't feel at all bothered by the three trips I had to make across the long bridge to bring all my things (equipment bag, cake tiers in separate boxes, glass cake stand, camera bag!) into the reception room. 

Congratulations to you, Jois and Richard!