A Tale of Two Cupcake Towers

Since I'm on a roll (wow, two posts in one day!), and since I have so many cakes to catch up on here on the blog, I'm sharing two wedding cupcake towers with you.

The first blinged-to-the-max tower was 6' tall (maybe more) and held 224 cupcakes comfortably, along with a cutting cake on top for Amy and Chris's wedding at the Aerie Ballroom in Centralia, WA, in June. 

I made cupcakes in seven different flavors (including two gluten-free flavor choices) for the couple's guests, and encircled each one with a custom silver wrapper from Dress My Cupcake. Amy supplied the "A" monogram topper for the couple's shared last name, and her wedding coordinator Melissa Love styled the stand with a hot-glue gun and some gigantic crystal bands.

Pearlized sugar orchids on the gluten-free Strawberries and Cream cutting cake:

And here's the second cupcake tower for ya, featuring Anika and Hassan's selection of three flavors (Pink Champagne, Mocha, and Red Velvet). Gold and ivory cupcake liners, some deep-red rose petals, and a hint of maroon in the handcut gumpaste monogram topper (for their cutting cake) hinted at the couple's color palette. The cake and its accompanying cupcakes were delivered to the Kent Event Center last month.

[BTW, this particular Lucite cupcake tower belongs to Honey Crumb and is available for our clients to rent.]

Some handcrafted blossoms, painted with edible gold luster, and a fancy ruffled-petal piping technique added elegance to these perfectly-portioned desserts:

All the monogrammed cutting cake needed was some fondant draping and edible gold buttons:

I received wonderful feedback from both couples, and I send them my warmest congratulations and best wishes!