Taupe Cake with Piped Lace and an Ivory Sugar Peony

Wow, got a little bit behind there on my blogging... The production schedule for July has been full, full, full! 

I delivered Shannan and Micah's wedding cake to the Inn at Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum last Saturday. (What a gorgeous wedding venue.) It was overcast that afternoon, and some raindrops broke free from the clouds right as the bridal party was being photographed -- but, remember, rain on one's wedding day is lucky!

The fondant covering for the cake was tinted a custom shade of taupe to add some drama. I piped the cake with a floral pattern taken directly from photographs of the lace on Shannan's gown (which also inspired the edible sash around the middle tier). One of the original sketches of the cake featured fabric-style sugar flowers to mimic those on the gown, but Shannan really wanted one of my sugar peonies on the cake, and how could I refuse? (If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I adore huge, fluffy peonies.)

I hope you can see the pleats in the edible sash (I know these pics of mine are utterly horrible) -- the entire sash was painted with edible pearl luster for subtle sheen, and also for the purpose of making the pleats more visible.

The photo below was taken with the flash, and gives you a slightly better idea of the true color of the fondant -- it was a warmish sort of grey taupe. 

Oh, peonies... if there were no flowers in the world but you, it'd still be a beautiful world...

This particular one I loved enough to photograph on its own, before it went on the cake. And, the funny story is that I was already ten or so miles en route to Cle Elum when I realized, with horror, that I had left the peony behind! Eeeeek! I was still early for the delivery (thank heaven for the little bit of buffer room that I always try to give myself when heading to wedding venues...), and in any case, there was simply no question as to whether I'd turn around or not -- this peony HAD TO BE ON THE CAKE.  I spun round, snatched it up (well, gingerly picked it up in its tissue-lined tray, rather), and an hour and fifteen minutes later, I arrived at Suncadia. I was still in good time. Phew. Crisis averted!

Oh -- details! The entire cake, to serve 80, as well as a side cake, to serve 60 people, was Cherry Almond cake (light almond sponge, filled with organic cherry preserves folded into Swiss meringue buttercream). The top tier of the main cake was gluten-free. It took about 4-1/2 hours to pipe the lace on the top and bottom tiers (brush embroidery is insanely time-consuming). It's worth it!

Congratulations, Shannan and Micah! Best wishes to you both.