Piped Ferns, and a Surprise Candy-Themed Groom's Cake

Lindsay and Shay were married last Saturday (a magnificent summer's day!) at Maroni Meadows in Snohomish. 

Their three-tiered, spiral-stacked square cake was covered in a thin layer of chocolate fondant (which smelled absolutely delicious). Beneath the fondant of the base tier was Styrofoam, while the 50 servings provided by the middle and top tiers were divided between Red Velvet with cream cheese, and Vanilla Buttermilk cake with fresh strawberry buttercream filling. 

I piped the ferns in Royal Icing (in two shades of green), and then added the handmade sugar fiddleheads, leaves, and tiny purple blossoms on site. Each tier was 5" tall.

The cake board was covered in the same chocolate fondant as for the cake, and was trimmed with deep purple grosgrain ribbon to tie in the color of the little gumpaste blossoms dotted around the cake. 

The surprise groom's cake for Shay was a GIANT package of Reese's peanut butter cups, in cake form. The chocolate cake, filled with peanut buttercream and chopped Reese's cups, was 8" x 16" x 3", and served more than 35 people (if not a few more). 

All the adornments on the cake were handcut from gumpaste (e.g. the logo itself), or handpainted (like the "NET WT 10LB" at bottom left -- which is indeed what this cake weighed). I used a life-sized package of Reese's cups as my model for the placement of the logo and so on, and it also served as the guide when I was tinting the fondant that characteristic shade of orange.

All the details concerning these cakes were mostly hashed out over e-mail, as the bride and groom were living in California during the planning process. Fittingly, the sun really came out here in Washington for their wedding day. Congratulations, Lindsay and Shay!