Black Paisley and Fuschia Dahlias

Kruti and Pritesh got married last Sunday, and hosted their reception at The Westin in Bellevue. I had a wonderful time working with them, and they were thoroughly excited about their paisley cake with its bold color scheme. 

The delivery was not without a few little glitches! When we arrived at the ballroom to set up the cake, precisely on time, everything looked to be in order -- lovely floral arrangements in ribbon-wrapped vases, fuschia-tinted uplighting around the room for a pop of color, black table linen with fuschia chair sashes -- but there was no cake table. It took twenty minutes of scrambling on the part of the hotel staff to find a moderately suitable table... and by moderately suitable, I mean, an ever-so-slightly unstable room-service table on wheels. One of the waitstaff had jimmied the table a little with some cardboard wedges to make sure that it wouldn't wobble quite so much with a huge cake on it. (Imagine my nerves...)  Thankfully, by the time it was all draped with black linen and the table's wheels were locked, things were looking up, and I still had the full cocktail hour in which to set up the cake before the guests came into the ballroom.  So, I got on with it, and it all went well after that. Until we headed back down to the loading dock, hoping to get home to a nice dinner and a cold Sunday-evening beer (!) to find that the DJ, who was late, had completely parked my car in. Like, completely. (It took twenty minutes to get out, but I know these are small problems. I can only laugh!) 

Earlier in the evening, right before I started setting up, I'd introduced myself to the couple's videography team (from Pixel Seattle), who were so warm and friendly. They (Michele and Benjon) offered to come over and film a 'trailer' of me as I assembled the cake -- can't wait to see their footage!  (It's certainly the first time anyone's taken HD video of me in my chef's coat, hard at work...)

So, here's the cake!  [And please note, these are my awful photos, not Pixel Seattle's -- I am hoping they'll share a few stills with me as they had some fantastic camera equipment with them (as one would expect).] 

Cake specs: Four tiers, 5"-8"-11"-14" to serve 165 generously. Top tier was egg-free Coconut Passion, middle two tiers were regular Coconut Passion; bottom tier was Chocolate Raspberry. (Oh... the organic raspberries that I used in this cake were so so SO delicious...) The fuschia dahlias were handmade from gumpaste; the paisley design was carefully stenciled in black Royal Icing onto white fondant; and the edging was fuschia satin ribbon. The 18" gloss-white cake stand was on loan to the couple from my collection.

Congratulations to you, Kruti and Pritesh!