A Black Lace Wedding Cake with Queen of Denmark Roses

Emily and Eutimio were married last Sunday (June 17th) and hosted their reception at the Lynnwood Convention Center. Their main cake was four tiers (6"-9"-12"-15") to serve 190; two additional side cakes were supplied to serve 110 (for a total of 300 servings). For the young guests at the wedding, I supplied 3 dozen cupcakes in black-and-white damask wrappers, topped with a red blossom (piped with Royal Icing).

The couple's wedding invitation suite featured four laser-cut panels that folded over the actual invitation, resembling black lace 'floating' over the text. Needless to say, the invitations were stunning. During our consultation, Emily and Eutimio saw a cake in my portfolio that they really loved (it was this one) and we decided to combine that design (substituting red sugar roses for the fuschia dahlias of the original version) with the lace-like floral shapes of their invitations.

These old-fashioned "Queen of Denmark" sugar roses are a David Austin recommended variety, and are noteworthy for their quartered central clusters of multi-layered petals. I LOVE making these in sugar and am looking forward to many more opportunities to adorn wedding cakes with them!  (They're especially magnificent in soft blush pink with deeper rose-pink centers...)

Sorry for the horrid photo(s)... the lighting was moody and dim in the grand ballroom on Sunday!

Appropriately, the inside of the cake was Red Velvet with luscious cream-cheese Swiss meringue buttercream filling. I can only imagine how pretty those slices were on the plate!