Thar Things Be Piratey Objects! On a Piratey Cake!

I delivered this cake to Bothell yesterday for a sweet little boy's first birthday party. Naturally, a pirate-themed party requires a pirate-themed cake. And a pirate-themed cake needs, at the very least, a treasure chest, a Jolly Roger, a chocolate pirate ship, some gold doubloons and other shiny pirate loot, a few sand dollars, a large red "X", a mermaid on a rock, some seaweed, a few tropical fish, pearlized shells, and edible beach sand. 

Well... actually, perhaps a pirate-themed cake doesn't NEED all those things. A Swiss Roll with an eye patch might well pass as a "pirate" cake. Well, whatevsies. I was enjoying myself...  

So, here're all the fun details on the cake (all set up in my client's kitchen):

And some shots from the cake studio (before I added the "sand" and shells):

Oh yeah... cake specs. So, it's a 9-inch round Cherry Almond cake at the bottom, and a 7-inch round Caramel Toffee Fudge cake above that, with a 6"x3" entirely edible pirate chest on top. The chest was fashioned out of cake (the lid) and Rice Krispie Treats (the base), covered in chocolate fondant and trimmed with gumpaste and chocolate coins. The purple "fabric" beneath the coins is fondant. The pirate ship, skull, and smaller treasure chest (all attached to the 7" tier) were made from white chocolate painted with candy color gel. The appliques on the bottom tier (hand-painted fish, seaweed/coral, "wave" trim, etc) were all gumpaste. The cake served 32 people generously and each cake tier was 5" tall.

And another shot at the party (forgive my poor photo):

Happy Birthday to ye, ye li'l wee Buccaneer sprog.