Ella's Wonky Circus Cake

I delivered Ella's topsy-turvy circus cake to Kirkland this afternoon, where a crowd of sweet 8-year-olds (or thereabouts) was already beginning to gather for her birthday party.

The bottom tier was Classic Banana cake with cream cheese filling and vanilla meringue buttercream frosting; the middle and top tiers were Pink Champagne cake with cream cheese filling. I covered the middle tier with a thin layer of pink fondant; the other two tiers were frosted with buttercream. All the decorations are gumpaste, including the wired balloons and the handcut lettering. Everything on the cake is edible, except for the wires in the balloons, and, of course, the wooden dowels inside the cake to hold all these crazy angles in place!

The dimensions were: 6" diameter top tier (tapered down to 4-1/2 inches at the base), 8" middle tier (tapered down to 5-1/2"), and 11" base tier (tapered to 8" at the base). Each tier was 5" tall before I created the angled top (I use a 14" cake knife and eyeball things 'cause I'm hardcore like that, but some people use an Agbay leveler or similar device, set at the angle they'd like to achieve). 

Here's the back of the cake, which gives you a better sense of the wonky tapers and angles. I absolutely LOVE making topsy-turvy cakes (can you tell?!). This cake really makes me smile.

When I was done adding the finishing touches (balloons, wired "8", etc), the sweetly grinning birthday girl walked into the kitchen and exclaimed, "Ooooh, I LOVE MY CAKE!"

Well, Ella, I loved making your cake!  Happy Birthday to you.