Stacked Books Cake for a Baby Shower

There's a delightful story to this baby shower cake. My clients, Selam and Marcus, ordered a stack of Moroccan pillows (in cake form) from me some months ago. A little while after I delivered the "Kasbah" cake, I got an e-mail from Selam asking me whether I would make a baby shower cake for them. She gave me the titles of three children's books that she and Marcus adore, and asked me to put a 'pillow' on top (reminiscent of the top tier of the previous cake). The gumpaste likenesses of mama and papa, in their PJs, were to sit atop the pillow, looking over their sleeping newborn (with papa in a pixie hat, reading a bedtime story). It's timeless and full of the love that parents have for their babies... and I couldn't resist having the gumpaste Marcus hold the gumpaste Selam's hand. Here's the finished cake:

Two of the books were Dalmation cake (vanilla cake with bittersweet chocolate chunks), layered with cream cheese frosting; the third book and pillow cake were Lemon Pucker (white cake, cream-cheese Swiss meringue buttercream, and tangy lemon curd). The figurines are entirely edible (except for the internal wooden skewers keeping them perched on the cake!). The cake served 60 and I delivered it to The Ravishing Radish, with its spectacular lake views.

Their much-anticipated little boy will arrive in a month or so. These loving parents are certainly full of excitement about the stories they'll get to read and share with him at bedtime... and there's nothing sweeter than that.