Plum and Turquoise Wedding Cake

I delivered Haili and Weston's wedding cake to a private home in Renton this afternoon. The cake is a combination of classic (the damask stencil design) and contemporary (the cake's proportions, particularly its double-height middle tier). 

The wedding colors were turquoise and deep plum, so I stenciled the damask pattern in plum Royal Icing and handpainted the tiny turquoise dot accents. The bride's mom sent me the sheer turquoise ribbon in the mail for use on the cake. As we were leaving the house, I looked back to see that the wedding cake was perfectly framed by a large picture window, and could be seen from the street! What a sweet little vignette.

I love the lines of this cake -- the slightly shorter-than-usual top and bottom tiers, and the "double barrel" middle tier. The look was popularized by the (now retired) cake designer, April Reed, a few years ago (2005?), but the idea itself is probably much older than that! Indeed, some Victorian wedding cakes featured an extra-tall tier or two.

The secret behind this cake is that it only serves 65, even though it seems to serve many more people than that. The middle tier (8-1/2" tall) is cake on top, and Styro at the bottom (there's a food-grade foamcore board separating the cake from the Styro -- don't worry!), covered in a continuous sheet of fondant. AND, the top tier is Rice Krispie treats coated in dark chocolate ganache. Mmm!