Modern Ruffles in Green, and a Sugar Lily

Yesterday evening, I delivered Sam and David's wedding cake to the Hilton Garden Inn on Gilman Blvd in Issaquah. It was a rare pleasure for me to get to see the bride as I was setting up the cake (usually, I don't see the bridal couple after our consultation, as they're usually having photos taken or getting married elsewhere during the cake assembly). Sam looked absolutely beautiful -- elegantly striking in an ivory gown and full veil. She was delighted by the cake, and spent a few minutes talking with me and admiring the sugar Oriental Lily I'd made. 

The three-tiered main cake was a 7"-10"-13" configuration, to serve 100. I supplied two additional side cakes to serve 60 guests, for a total of 160 generous dessert portions of Mocha cake (dark chocolate sponge filled with espresso buttercream). The cake was frosted in champagne-tinted Swiss meringue buttercream, and each tier was encircled with narrow fondant ruffles in a gradation of color from rich grassy green at the base, to apple-sage green at the top.

Apologies for the awful photos I took; lighting was not on my side, and my little point-and-shoot just isn't up to the task most of the time! I did exchange business cards with Sam and David's photographer, so I'm hoping to get better shots in a few weeks.

I loved making their cake, and since I don't get many opportunities to play with ruffles or the current ombré trend in cake design, I relished this chance!