Lace Cake with Blush Trim

This is the first of two wedding cakes I delivered yesterday, with help! My husband served as my cake-delivery assistant and was a trooper, carrying pretty much all the heavy boxes (and there were lots). I simply couldn't, as a whiplash injury I sustained in a car accident a few months ago has been flaring up pretty pitifully this past week.  Never mind; there is cake to show you!

Ksenia and Denis were married yesterday in Sammamish, and I was lucky enough to make the wedding cake for this beautiful, kind couple. We transported the three tiers in separate boxes and assembled them on site. The lace on Ksenia's bolero featured a modern peony design, which I incorporated into the cake in the form of white brush embroidery -- a piping technique in which a design is applied to the cake in Royal Icing, then 'feathered' with a damp paintbrush to create softness and texture. The ribbon-wrapped Styrofoam separator adds height and visual interest, and gives the cake more modern proportions.

The cake is a 6"-9"-12" configuration to serve 80-90 generously, and each tier is 5-1/2" tall (the industry standard for cake tiers is between 3-1/2" and 4", but I think extra-tall tiers just look so wonderful, don't you?). It was displayed on a Polish glass cake stand, on loan to the couple from my (growing!) cake stand collection. The groom built a custom cake pedestal, which was draped with satin and placed beneath the cake stand. Its purpose was to compensate for the height of the breakfast bar attached to the kitchen countertop and ensure that the cake would be visible from across the expansive entryway and living area of the home. (The reception took place in a private residence near the lake.)

Inside was Classic Banana cake with chopped walnuts, filled with alternating layers of cream cheese frosting and milk-chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream.

Congratulations, Ksenia and Denis!