Yellow Roses and Brush Embroidery

My client, Juli, ordered this cake some weeks ago for her parents' 50th wedding anniversary, and I delivered it to Issaquah this morning. The whole thing was to be a wonderful surprise for them, and my handiwork would be the wedding cake that Juli's parents had not had when they were married five decades ago. Her mom loves roses, so I knew the cake had to include some, in edible form. 

We decided on a color scheme of goldenseal, ivory, and antique gold. During our consultation, I showed her a cake in my portfolio featuring brush embroidery, a cake decorating technique in which fine lines are piped with Royal Icing (or, sometimes, buttercream) and then textured using a paintbrush to create a feathered, soft look. It can be used to resemble lace, and can be made to look more traditional (as in this case) or edgier and more modern, depending on the particular design that is piped, the color of the Royal Icing and of the base fondant, and the thickness of the piped lines. She loved the look of it, and I repeated a simple rose pattern on all three tiers, with slight variations.

The top two tiers were Chocolate Truffle (dark chocolate sponge, filled with truffle ganache), and the bottom tier was Lemon Pucker (vanilla cake brushed with lemon syrup, layered with cream-cheese frosting and a really zingy homemade lemon curd). I used ivory fondant as the covering (always rolled super thinly) and created the brush embroidery design using caramel-colored Royal Icing that was later painted with antique gold luster dust. I made the roses and leaves using gumpaste, and created them on thin wooden skewers so that they could be easily removed and preserved as a keepsake.