St Paddy's Day Wedding Anniversaries

I delivered four cakes on St Patrick's Day, two of which were for wedding anniversaries (the other two were for weddings; blog post and pictures to come soon!). 

The first cake on Saturday was for a 50th wedding anniversary, celebrated in Issaquah. The 7-inch spice cake (for cutting) was frosted in Italian meringue buttercream, with edible decorations (gold lettering and a large gumpaste bow in green). It was accompanied by 3 dozen cupcakes, half spice cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, and half chocolate cake with cream-cheese frosting. The chocolate cupcakes were topped with chocolate-fondant monogram toppers, which I made oval to accommodate the letters (and for something different than the usual round discs!). The spice cupcakes were piped in two different floral styles, and I unfortunately only took a pic of one box of cupcakes, so I can't show you the spiky chrysanthemums that I piped onto nine of the cupcakes. They came out great, but I had serious hand cramps after piping what felt like thousands of skinny petals!

Here are the more rounded piped blossoms, on a base of green buttercream 'moss', and some of the monogrammed cupcakes too:

And here's the little cutting cake to accompany the cupcakes, with its voluptuous bow and fondant banner:

The second anniversary cake of the day was also delivered to Issaquah, and was for a regular client who always comes up with great ideas for the cakes she'd like me to make for her. She and her husband celebrate their wedding anniversary every St Patrick's day, having been married many years ago in Las Vegas (funny, right?). A while ago, she sent me an image of Celtic knotwork in a round configuration, which she thought would look great on the top of a cake. I agreed, but since Celtic knotwork is tricky to replicate with handcut gumpaste (not to mention the fact that piping interconnecting lines in a symmetrical fashion is not my greatest talent), I decided to stencil the design onto the cake top in emerald green Royal Icing. I echoed the Celtic theme on the bottom tier, using a silicone mold to create the shapes, which were then painted with antique gold luster dust. Three gumpaste roses and leaves finished off the cake.

The 6-inch and 9-inch rounds were covered in ultra-thin, pale green fondant (I roll mine to 1/8"). Beneath the fondant was Caramel Toffee Fudge cake to serve 30 generously.