Woodland Baby Shower Cake

Even though my client was on the fence about canceling this baby shower, because of the Maple Valley power outages, it went ahead, which means, I got to make this adorable cake. (I'm letting you in on a secret - I get emotionally invested in Every. Single. Cake I make. No really, I do! I get super excited when I wake up on Monday mornings and look at my order forms for the week ahead. I love what I do! So, you can imagine how bummed I would've been if the stupid snow had prevented me from cutting out this wicked-cute little gumpaste deer family...)

My gorgeous client planned a woodland-themed celebration for her friend, who is expecting a little girl that she and her husband plan to name Josephine (I know -- fantastic name, right?!). The invitations were modern and so sweet, so I couldn't help but base the cake design on those. We decided that adding a daddy deer would be appropriate, complete with some glorious antlers. I put the baby's name onto a pink gumpaste banner, which her parents could preserve for use on her first birthday cake (or elsewhere).

The invite:

The bottom tier of this cake is actually two stacked tiers of equal width. I LOVE making double-height tiers like these, but I intensely dislike covering them in fondant. (They require huge - I mean, HUGE - sheets of fondant, and I, sadly, do not own one of these amazing machines. Hint, hint.) So, no panic. I simply (ha!  simply!) wrapped the 9-1/2" tall, 8-inch diameter beast tier with a long rectangle of fondant, and cut an 8-inch circle of fondant for the top. I spackled all the seams with some white Royal Icing and, presto! It was covered to my exacting standards.

All the decorations are handcut from gumpaste, and the little white accents on the baby deer and trees were painted on with edible gel color. BTW, the inside of the cake was Strawberries and Cream (yummy!), for a restrained dose of pink when the cake is sliced. I guess it's obvious, but I adore this cake!