UW Huskies Groom's Cake

I got back a short while ago from delivering this cake to a wedding rehearsal dinner in Issaquah. The bride contacted me a few months ago about a groom's cake for her fiancé. All this time, she managed to keep it secret from him, despite the fact that he was the one who came to collect a box of cake samples from me! (The tall tale involved a possible bridal shower cake...)

The couple has a little kitty, who is known to climb on the groom's lap in the mornings when he sits down to read the New York Times with a cup of coffee, served in a beloved mug from the Marsee Baking Co., where he once worked. The groom is also a major Huskies fan. So... basically, the cake design was obvious! A sugar newspaper, a coffee mug carved out of cake, an upright UW logo, and a gumpaste kitty collar with a silver name tag. To finish it off, the bride suggested "To My Americano" as the dedication on the cake board.

The carved "W" and the coffee mug were dark chocolate cake with cream cheese filling. The kitty collar was made by hand from gumpaste, and is entirely edible. I handpainted the fondant newspaper one tiny letter at a time, with black edible gel color. Needless to say, I had a huge amount of fun making this cake and all the personal details. Congratulations to Tom and Michelle!

Here's the cake at the restaurant: