Snowboarding Cake

I was in Bellevue today, delivering a cake for a die-hard snowboarder's birthday. His girlfriend ordered the cake, to surprise him. She'd sent me a photo of a cake featuring a snowboarder on his back, board still attached to his boots, working on his laptop. As funny as it was, she decided to leave out the laptop, and the final design had our snowboarder lying supine in the powder, grinning, as though he'd pulled off some great aerials and had fallen backward in a state of euphoria. 

The entire oval cake (to serve 38) was Red Velvet with cream cheese filling, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream frosting, and white-chocolate fondant. The 'snow' was Royal Icing, and the snowboarder was modeled from fondant and gumpaste. His gumpaste snowboard was handpainted to mimic the cake recipient's actual board, and the snowboarding clothes on the figurine matched his real ones.

Happy Birthday to you, Jason!