A Sculpted Pawprint for Ella

This cake was ordered at the last minute, for a sweet girl's 8th birthday. Her mom really wanted a photo frame to be incorporated into the cake design somehow, featuring Ella (birthday girl), Jack (her brother), and their black Labrador (Fisher). For the actual cake, we decided on a big, sculpted doggie pawprint in Ella's favorite color, blue. The cake was chocolate sponge with whipped cream filling (delicious!).

The part I enjoyed the most was making the completely edible photo frame, containing an edible portrait of the young trio. I made the frame from melted white chocolate poured into a special candy mold, and once it'd set, I painted the chocolate with turquoise petal dust (mixed with vodka, which evaporates) before finishing it off with some edible pearl dust (applied dry) to capture the details of the frame. For the picture within, I wanted to give it a fun, cartoonish feel, while capturing the love that these two youngsters have for their wonderful dog. I created the painting on a sheet of gumpaste, using edible gel colors as paint. It was so much fun.

Happy Birthday, Ella!