Attack of the Silver Foil!

I have many wishes for the New Year, some significant, and some not-so-significant. Arguably, the wish I'd like to express in today's blog post falls into the Super-Insignificant Pet-Peeve category. Nonetheless... 

I wish never to see a naked silver-foil cake board, ever again.

Image Source (before I doctored it)

To all my fellow cake designers/bakers/cake artists: Those silver drums are freakin' awful! They're meant to be covered!  A layer of fondant will do nicely (instructions here). Or, for less bother, buy the white ones, at least!

But surely, Carla, the silver ones aren't THAT bad!

I know my despair can only be justified if I provide some evidence. Case in point: nice cake, skillful and clean piping work, good photo with lots of natural light. 

But. There is a Bare. Silver. Cake Drum.

Cake: Unknown

Totally cheapens the whole cake.  

Compare: The masterful Jim Smeal, who does things with buttercream in a piping bag that I can only dream of, has artfully placed his cake onto a lathed wooden stand, which contrasts richly with the pale colors of the show-stopping cake design (and bridal palette). Also, the stand so perfectly echoes the chocolate-brown Chiavari chairs at the venue.  See?  So much more thoughtful and professional. 

Cake: Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal (Charleston, SC)

Cake stands are growing in popularity, partly because there's an amazing selection of custom-made ones out there (for example, check out Adaura on Etsy, who've made me several custom stands that are out-of-this-world beautiful and superb in quality), and partly because they elevate even simple cakes to striking effect.

Even if you don't use a gorgeous cake stand like the wooden beauty pictured above, a white or otherwise color-coordinated cake board would still produce a finished look that is so much cleaner and prettier than you'd get from using a factory-made silver cake drum.

Now you know why the cakes in my gallery are on cake stands, or on fondant-covered boards.

Please, y'all.  No more silver.