Tiffany Blue for Auction

Corner of Love, an outreach organization for the people of Nicaragua, hosted its annual dinner auction tonight. The theme of this year's function was "Winter Dreams," so I thought it appropriate to theme my contribution appropriately. I found the closest thing to a snowflake cake stencil I could get, and created some pretty lacework in Royal Icing on the cake top.

It's an 8-inch round chocolate cake with espresso buttercream filling, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream frosting (what else? -- it's the best!), and marshmallow fondant covering, tinted Tiffany blue, because the color makes me smile.

Corner of Love's mission is to eradicate water-borne illnesses and change lives through healthcare and clean water projects. Proceeds from the auction tonight will be used to continue construction of Corner of Love's medical clinic in San Ramón, among other amazing projects. I'm a South African by birth, so projects like this-- which are part of a mission to conquer global poverty in practical, meaningful ways--are very close to my heart. Thanks, Drake and Angela, for informing me about the work of this organization! I really hope my cake raised enough to buy a few pieces of medical equipment, or other worthwhile things.

As usual, I can't decide which photo captures the cake best. So here's a bunch (and at the end, there's a 'blank canvas' shot so you can really see how pretty this color is!).  I added the sugar sweet peas (which you've seen before), just before boxing up the cake, which is when I realized I'd promised (on the donation form I filled out last month) that the cake would have 'handmade sweet peas' on it. I guess that despite how lovely I think those sweet peas are, my personal preference must be for the simpler version with just the pretty stencil work on top... 

The promised 'blank canvas' -- doesn't it make you want to dream up all kinds of possible decorations?  Or is that just me?