Snowflakes and Camellias

I delivered this wedding cake yesterday to Pickering Barn in Issaquah (after my first trip inside the Space Needle!). Snowflakes and camellias may seem like an unlikely pairing, but I adore the deep red abstract camellias against the ivory buttercream canvas, with all the delicate, shimmering little snowflake adornments!

The buttercream-frosted cake was four tiers high (5"-8"-11"-14"), and served 130 people. Flavors were: white cake with a delicate lemon-zest moistening syrup, layered with fillings of organic marionberry preserve and lemon Swiss meringue buttercream; and dark chocolate cake filled with bourbon vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.

I piped the snowflakes onto waxed paper ahead of time, and sprayed them with PME edible pearl spray (love it!) before attaching them carefully to the cake. The abstract red camellias (which I made from gumpaste) are an homage to Mich Turner, whose indescribably beautiful wedding cakes are executed with such finesse and precision.

It was nice to set up a cake at Pickering Barn for the second time this month, as I always feel more relaxed about deliveries when I'm familiar with the venue (each one has its quirks). Most of all, I'm just delighted to have ended 2011 on such a high note, with two smile-worthy wedding cakes delivered shortly before New Year's Eve.

Congratulations, Kirsten and Graham!

The lighting at Pickering Barn was wholly flourescent at the time of delivery, so the shots are kinda grainy and awful. Anyway, I'm sure the snowflakes twinkled prettily once the lights were dimmed and the candles were lit. I've posted some set-up pics, just 'cause it's fun to see the cake coming together: