Cupcakes, and then some...

I delivered five dozen cupcakes to Renton Area Youth and Family Services (RAYS) today, to be distributed to some of the donors who have given so generously to RAYS in the past. I was told that one of the groups of donors was a lovely bunch of firemen who send a check every year to RAYS, and who were sure to enjoy the goodies I had brought. I sure hope they did!

The toppers were marshmallow fondant (homemade); some were embossed and handpainted with a message of thanks, and the rest I handpainted with the RAYS logo using orange petal dust. Flavors were lemon buttermilk cupcakes with apricot-pineapple curd filling and Swiss meringue buttercream frosting, and rich chocolate cupcakes with vanilla Swiss meringue frosting. I ate, without hesitation, one of the lemon buttermilk cupcakes for breakfast (after all, the owner of Miette in San Francisco says she starts every day with cake, and wouldn't have it any other way!).  I do declare, it was mighty good.

Here's what they looked like, all boxed up by the half-dozen (there's a note inside each box listing the cupcake flavors):

And, while adding the link (above) to the RAYS website, I noticed that someone sweet (I know who she is) had promptly posted a photo of yours truly, smiling with one of the cupcake boxes, soon after I left the building! Aside from that, this generous soul had added a link to my own Honey Crumb site. Thank you kindly! 

Here's my grinning visage. (And for the detail nuts out there who are comparing the logo on the site to my handpainted efforts, note that my cupcake toppers are based on a newer version of it. I'm a detail nut too. So there.)  

In other news, the mother (thanks, Linda!) of one of my summer brides, who got married in Oregon back in August, just sent me some wonderful photos from their photographer of the cakes and cupcakes I'd provided for the wedding. You've seen my indoor studio shots, but just for fun, 'cause everything looks so pretty all displayed in the sunlight, here are a few new pics (note the cute skull toppers purchased for the cool, unconventional groom).