A Really Big Golf Ball Made of Cake

My customer, Elle, called me this afternoon at 1pm to inquire as to whether I could make a golf-themed cake for her sweetheart, Trevor, by this evening.  Initially, I said, heck no!  (Actually, I didn't say that. I thought that.) But she was so sweet, and she really wanted to surprise him when he got home from work tonight; plus, her exuberant personality was so compelling over the phone. So, I said, Why not?, got to work on a batch of grass-green buttercream, and fired up the oven.

Four hours later, I met Elle on Mercer Island to hand over a 7-inch golf ball cake (dark chocolate sponge, milk chocolate ganache frosting, and white chocolate fondant). It made my day to open the box for her and see her face -- she was completely over the moon.  

Happy Birthday, Trevor!