Aaron's Hummer H2 Cake

My client, Marie, called me a few months ago about a cake to honor her husband's 90th birthday. He founded the Seneca Sawmill many years ago, and -- until recently, when his medical condition made it impossible -- would use his yellow Hummer to get around. One of his hobbies was trophy hunting, and regardless of what I personally might think of the practice, Marie asked me to incorporate it into the cake design by perhaps putting an eight-point elk on top of the Hummer, and having Aaron lean out the side (wearing a camo shirt!) holding a hunting rifle. I was sent photos of the car and noticed a custom decal of the sawmill's logo on the side, so I suggested to Marie that we add that to the cake too, and have the rear license plate say "Jones" (their last name). She provided me with chocolate gravel and little jelly bean rocks (her favorite candies) to add textural interest to the landscape around the Hummer cake.

When I arrived yesterday at the sawmill to set up the cake, I was greeted by many of Aaron's friends, family members, and past and present employees. Marie was overjoyed with the cake, and said it was so much more detailed and delightful than she had dared to hope. (Thanks for the amazing compliment, Marie!) Aaron made a touching speech at the party and was toasted by a friend and former employee. Then, it was time to eat cake!  The main cake (the 12" green square) was a moist white sponge with lemon curd filling and Italian meringue buttercream frosting. The Hummer itself was dark chocolate sponge, filled and frosted with a really dark chocolate ganache cut 50/50 with vanilla buttercream. The large boulders around the cake were chocolate sponge covered in milk chocolate fondant, the mud was vanilla buttercream tinted brown, and the leaves and grass were vanilla buttercream tinted grass green.

Happy 90th Birthday, Aaron. What an amazing milestone to reach!