"Vintage Vineyard" for a Summer Wedding

Ashley and Ben's wedding took place on Saturday, August 6th, on the Oregon coast.  They planned a small, intimate affair, and even though that did not require an enormous tiered cake, Ashley and Ben still wanted something with visual impact and a modern aesthetic.  So, we came up with a design for a double-height 9-inch round cake (for drama), covered in custom-tinted fondant in a grayish-lilac color that Ashley selected from my fan-deck, called "Vintage Vineyard." The design incorporated a sugar magnolia on top, and a detailed band around the base made of matte ivory fondant that was studded with embossed filigree details painted with edible pearl sheen, to provide some architectural interest that was also 'bridal'.  As I loaded the cake into the trunk of the family's car on Friday afternoon, I could only grin when their two little boys peered curiously at the magnolia and asked, "Can we eat it?"

The double-height design meant that we effectively had two tiers of equal width, stacked on top of each other and covered with one (huge) continuous sheet of fondant.  In turn, this meant that we could make each tier a different flavor (sneaky, eh?).  The bottom half of the cake was Chocolate Truffle (dark chocolate cake, bittersweet ganache filling, milk chocolate Italian meringue buttercream frosting), and the top was Lemon Pucker (white cake with a lemon curd filling layered with lemon-zest buttercream).  The final cake was nine inches in diameter, and eight inches tall.