Falling Petals Cake

I delivered a four-tier (14"-12"-9"-7") wedding cake to the Eugene Country Club this afternoon. All the tiers were lemon cake with alternating layers of blackberry and raspberry filling, iced with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream and covered in white chocolate fondant. This was the first time I'd used this particular recipe for white chocolate fondant, and I was pleasantly impressed by how workable and delicious it was. I hope my clients' guests feel the same way.

The idea behind this cake was that it should appear to have been sprinkled with rose petals, that cascaded gently down the sides and gathered at the bottom. Also, Stephanie (the lovely bride) wanted an ombre effect, so that the gumpaste petals faded gradually from daffodil yellow at the top, to salmon pink at the bottom. Four handmade gumpaste roses serve as a delicate topper - a somewhat less fussy alternative to a full-blown floral 'crown' (although I love those too!).

My wonderful husband and pack-mule came along to help me set the cake up this afternoon, and took some (rare) shots of me as I worked on stacking the cake and adding petals to the tiers with Royal Icing.