Ahoy, me Hearties!

Eden's pirate ship cake was a festival of chocolate - milk chocolate sponge, raspberry Italian meringue buttercream filling, chocolate ganache coating, white-chocolate fondant "wood" panels, and chocolate details. The ladder, treasure chest, island, girl pirate captain figurine, ship's wheel, crow's nest, and barrels were all made from modeling chocolate. The other details were gumpaste.  It was stupidly hot yesterday, so during the 10 minutes it took me to deliver this cake to its destination, the poor ship's wheel melted.  I reckon that, since Treasure Island had already been located, and the ship was just about to drop anchor and send a couple eager buccaneers out to grab the booty, that an inability to steer the ship was no longer a grave problem for the ship's captain.  That's why she's still grinning.  (Actually, who wouldn't be grinning while standing on the deck of an all-chocolate ship?)