Summer Color

I delivered this cake earlier today for a repeat customer of mine, who wanted something small but pretty for her own birthday.  The cake only needed to serve four people, and she wanted carrot cake, since a previous cake I'd delivered to her had several flavors but all the carrot cake had been devoured before she'd had a chance to eat a slice.  So, I baked a 6-inch round carrot cake with cream cheese filling and Italian meringue buttercream frosting, then covered it with a thin layer of fondant before applying the edible decorations. There's a pearl stud trim along the top, and fondant ribbon in grey and black along the bottom (inspired by a photo she'd sent me a few weeks back). 

The topper was a combination of fresh gerberas and roses, with handmade gumpaste stargazer lilies (her favorite) and some fresh filler berries and leaves.  As I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I never put fresh flower stalks or floral wire into cakes 'naked' -- for this cake, I inserted bubble-tea straws, cut into 2-inch lengths, into the cake first.  I then filled them with Royal Icing before inserting the cut stems of the roses and gerberas.  The floral wires for the stargazers were wrapped with food-safe, latex-free tape before being inserted into the cake.  The cake board is foamcore, covered in fondant and stamped with "Happy Birthday," then trimmed with white grosgrain ribbon.  When I delivered it, she said, "Oh my goodness, that is beautiful."  That made me smile!

Here's the inspiration photo (from a promo for the Amazing Wedding Cakes show):

And here's her birthday cake, by Honey Crumb (naturally!):