Roses and Pearls

Yesterday, I took a cake and some pretty cupcakes to the Owen Rose Garden for a photoshoot. I can't show you any of the photos until they've been published, but I will say, the whole setup was gorgeous.  It was exciting for me to get the chance to contribute - the other vendors involved (floral designer, paper goods designer, photographer) are incredibly talented and creative, and the whole project came together with minimal stress and fuss.  Such fun!

I left the photoshoot to deliver a four-tiered wedding cake to its destination in Lowell.  It was a pretty drive, across the coastal fork of the Willamette River, and past a charming covered bridge from the mid-1940s that has been carefully restored.  I transported the cake in separate tiers, and gave myself plenty of time (a good hour) to dowel and stack the cake, and add the ribbon trim around the base of each tier.  The bride and groom wanted to keep their top tier for display, indefinitely, so I covered a 5-inch styro 'dummy' tier in ivory fondant to match the rest of the cake.  It was adorned with a luster-dusted gumpaste plaque with the couple's monogram on it, and six sugar roses - in ivory gumpaste - were arranged at the very top. 

The second tier from the top is red velvet with caramel cream-cheese filling, the third tier is lemon pound cake with lemon zest buttercream filling layered with blackberry preserves, and the bottom tier is carrot cake with Italian meringue buttercream filling.  All the cakes were frosted with white-chocolate Italian meringue buttercream, and covered in ivory fondant.  My fondant is a custom blend of Massa Grischuna and Satin Ice, which gives the best flavor and workability, in my experience.  Each tier has a horizontal band of satin ribbon decorated with edible pearls, applied to the cake one by one (using Royal Icing as the 'glue'). I also covered the cake board in fondant, because I like the clean look it gives the finished cake.