Classic Beauty

Peggy Iileen Johnson just sent me these amazing photos of Alanna and Jeremy's cake from last weekend, at the EMU ballroom on the University of Oregon campus. Thanks for taking such beautiful shots, Peggy!

The top three tiers (to serve 82 total) were red velvet cake with cream cheese filling; the bottom tier (16 inches in diameter, to serve 90 people) was lemon pound cake with lemon zest buttercream, layered with blackberry preserves. All four tiers were covered in ivory fondant, and decorated with edible pearls (applied one by one, using special tweezers, with Royal Icing as the 'glue').  White satin ribbon trims the base of each tier. The handmade sugar flowers in the topper were inserted into a 3-inch half-sphere of styrofoam, covered in fondant. They are meant to resemble hydrangea, but are hugely enlarged versions of hydrangea, which made the photographer think of magnolia flowers. I just love how frilly and delicate they look, especially since Peggy's camera managed to capture all their veining.