New Studio Space

We're moving!  Our new appointment salon and studio space is located at the historic Cox Cannery building in Eugene's Whiteaker neighborhood.  It's amazing to be surrounded by artists, poets, potters, bakers, and even a group of environmental consultants.  From now on, our cake consultations will be held at the studio, at 222 Polk Street, Eugene (by appointment, please!).  It's going to be a busy week of moving in!  Also, next week I'll post some pics of a gorgeous peacock-inspired cake we're doing for an even more gorgeous bride (and her lovely husband!) this weekend.

Meanwhile, I've been working on some new sugar flowers to improve my technique. In the process of looking for inspiration, I looked at some Ron Ben-Israel designs. Every time I see one of his cakes, I am completely blown away by the beauty of his work, and the technical skill and talent he possesses. I have many favorites, one of which is this monochrome stunner that he created for a Martha Stewart demo:

Here's an especially vibrant Ron Ben-Israel cake, with his signature sugar flowers in all their magnificence:

On a rather different topic (considering that Ben-Israel cakes don't come cheap!), there's a great article in Real Simple about how to save money on your wedding. I love that magazine, and the writers of this piece have put together 25 ways to cut costs without sacrificing style - I think it's worth a read.  The link is here.

Hope to see you at our cake studio some time!  Give us a call and I'll invite you round.